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Donald Trump, Liar, Sexual Abuse Man About Town

MAYBE it's just my degree in psych talking, maybe it's my investigative side talking, but it occurs to me that, well....
Donald and Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he doesn't like telegraphing his actions as president to other countries, especially our enemies. Before I get started, this is NOT an attempt to libel the POTUS. It's simply applying known psychological dynamics.

In full disclosure and to qualify my opinion, I have a university degree in psychology which gives me at least reasonable authority to make these observations which as well, trained me as a researcher. Both of which lends credence to my opinion in this subject. These are also well observed and well documented behaviors including actual videos of exhibited behaviors, as well as ongoing and related lawsuits.

Also, before I get into the who sexuality thing, there is something else we have to address. Donald Trump's lying.

Ever notice when #realDonaldTrump is being interviewed or is speaking and you know he's lying, or must be? This isn't in this article, but what is mentions fidgeting behaviors, grooming. Facial movements give one away.

In studying Ekman's F.A.C.S. or Cohan and Gottman's (I used to know Dr. Gottman) SPAFF type systems to categorize facial micro expressions. Practicing a "poker face" is one way to get around that. For civilians. Microexpressions are another matter. But to what we see on video, it's usually good enough.

Another clue: what the authors call “grooming gestures,” like brushing hair or adjusting a tie or shirt cuffs, which can signal anxiety.

Here's the thing. I've noticed how odd it is that Trump crosses his arms, or hugs himself, when sitting. I didn't think anything of it for a long time until today.

Why would he do this? The typical thing is we are protecting ourselves or we feel threatened or defensive. Yes, I thought of that. Yes sometimes that may be with Trump.

But if you are hugging yourself or your arms are purposefully locked around you, how can you fidget and exhibit "lying behaviors"? Trump hangs onto himself as if he's trying to not move his arms, hands or fingers.

My point?

When Trump crosses his arms or hugs himself, he's doing specific behaviors to counter being read as a liar. It's also clear he is an inveterate liar.

Even if I dearly loved this president, because I believe in decency, reality and honesty, I'd still be pointing this out.

Several reasons for that. First the obvious one that he wants us to believe. "Don't signal beforehand a punch you're going to throw." I've fought in tournaments and that is true, to a point. I did telegraph and it's done me well. But I'd telegraph what I'm NOT going to do. Then I would do something else, and follow up with one more actions than the opponent was prepared to deal with.

But these were fights that ended, at the end. Politics are forever ending one issue and by whatever happens, setting up the next issue in a seemingly unending path to no one ever really knows what. Because it is so complex.

As in playing chess (no I don't think Trump uses this as metaphor, he's lucky to know how to play checkers, let alone the complexity of international politics comparable to the Chinese game of "Go").

When I was fighting, I could watch my opponent in a match use their own practiced set, run out of them, have to think up the next move or two, all while you continue on with one more move then they have usually practiced. You could see in their eyes, their body language, when they exhausted their moves and had to not rely on practiced movements, but then in the moment be distracted to figure out what next move to go into.

I mention this about the rascally simpleton of a POTUS we now have regarding politics, but mostly about his sexuality.

Whenever he says to a woman, "You remind me of my daughter," WHY do you think he says that? Is he just thinking out loud (well that's disturbing enough, right?). Is it merely a compliment as he'd like her to think, because he thinks highly of his daughter?

From what we've seen of him, most likely that's not it at all.

It's code word.

He won't come out and ask for what he wants. He doesn't like telegraphing and exposing himself to recrimination or abuse, or increasing the intel of another to later be used against him. Right? Sort of.

Some years ago I was in a cyber security briefing. Part of it was about covert activities on websites.

There were two mentioned, used as examples of what is going on. One regardied pedophiles on a website using a database back then (database websites were fairly new) and people who were seeking out other pedophiles. The other site was about beastiality on a normal dating site that was being used covertly to find others into those same behaviors. All while most on the site had no clue what was going on behind the scenes.

If you were on that fairly well known dating site, you may have been contacted by one of those people. But in not responding properly to their code worded comments, they moved on to the next person.

Both subcultures knew what site to go to in order to find like others. And they knew how to speak online in such a way so as to let other like minds know who they were and that they could speak openly, hook up and well, whatever.

They used code words that seemed innocuous, innocent. But if you replied properly, a few more tests and then you knew who you both were. You telegraphed, but did it covertly, out in the open.

Trump has been doing the same thing. Beware a man who has no shame. One who exhibits sociopathic behaviors. Who abuses his positions of power. Who is shamelessly a bully. Who strives with all his heart to be loved by anyone in the room with him and then turns around later and goes back on his word. These are all typical behaviors of a narcissistic sociopath and of Donald Trump.

These are not even "open secrets". They are openly known, seen, observed from a distance and repeated again and again.

Searching for an Ivanka look alike to have sex with who will play, most likely, his daddy / daughter fetish gume. With the woman playing the part obviously, of Ivanka. I'm assuming Stormy didn't respond properly to the Ivanka comments and Trump dropped it. Probably a bit miffed. Same with that other woman who said he had said the same things to her.

It's a pattern. Both women may have hidden disgust at the potential for what he was actually saying. That is, asking. They may have been disgusted. Some women ignore that, as they too had experienced that with their own fathers. But put it aside, merely hoping he dropped it. And if he did, well, we know how things progressed. Standard sex for Donald, not his preferred and more intense fetish sex.

He's searching. It's predatory behavior. Let that sink in. Our President, is a sexual predator. He's admitted it openly. The Access Hollywood recording. It was not just "locker room" talk. I've been in a lot of locker rooms because of martial arts and gyms and any guy that talks that way, is seen as a small man indeed. Any man who can't get a woman to want to be grabbed or more likely caressed, isn't worth his sexual weight in salt. To just do it without any form of permission, is if not criminal (which it is) is just unmanly. It's abuse.

Total nonsense? Because you know? It all actually fits together quite well. So for those "Christian" supporters of Trump, beware who you support. On that matter, here's a very well done video explaining why at least Christian evangelicals are still supporting someone like Donald Trump.

To be as humane as I can about this, Trump... needs help. Professional psychological help. I suspect now or sooner, and so do we.

The CIA has been doing profiling of foreign leaders and agents for far longer than the FBI profiling criminals. Which in some cases is pretty much the same thing (e.g., Putin).

I have to wonder if they don't already know all this (and more) about Mr. Trump from when he first went to Russia or knew he was going even before Trump ever had a clue? Once an America steps onto foreign soil, especially a country like Russia, China, or North Korea, they put themselves in a position to fall into a wrap up of intelligence about the foreign entities and agents.

 I would find it very surprising, if there aren't old withered and rather detailed files on Mr. Trump at the CIA, the NSA, DIA, and other No Such Agencies. You see, it's what they do. For us. To protect us. From people like Putin, Kim Jong Un, and an American businessman with delusions of colluding with anyone who will help him enhance his wealth, power, and influence.

It's what we pay them to do. it's what we want them to do. Considering Mr. Trump is not president, it can't be that much of a problem either. Otherwise, if there really was a "deep state" as some fools contend, he'd never have made it pas the nomination stage.

Someone, knows...something.

The first of the two elements indicated in the attached article, the first being a more normal psychological dynamic (albeit in an individual with fragile self-esteem that is potentially the narcissist that Mr. Trump undeniably is). The second element being his generally understood abnormal sexual deviancy.

The potential for normalcy in the first element or at least half of it, is neutralized in his mentioning how he sees a similarity in his potential bed partner, to that of his daughter (in putting "feelers" out for a father/daughter fetish which we know may have been denied at least twice in the two I've heard mention it). So rather than merely one of those two indicated elements being abnormal, we now actually have 1.5 of the two elements being considered abnormal.

The guy is definitely off, mentally, sexually and paternally.

If she grew up in that kind of a sexualized environment, which is seems she had, it could explain why, (IF) she actually doesn't see it herself. But as so many women know, in being a woman you learn to ignore what you simply cannot do anything about. Though one does wonder the private talks her and Jared may have had over this. That is, unless she throws a fit, refusing to allow that discussion. Or if he would notice, or even wish to ever bring it up. Any of which one could easily assume to be the case.
Ivanka and Donald Trump
Mr. Trump's pride in how hot he thinks his daughter is, how erotically symbolic he sees her, simply exceeds his shame. Which he is on empty about, just about all the time anyway in his publically exhibiting no embarrassment whatsoever regarding his sexual attraction to her. And her response to it when she is there when he says it, indicates a very long term behavior of acceptance and ignoring it.

Actually it's plausible that his sharing that information and even people's discomfort over it, is also sexually stimulating for him. Perhaps not in an outward arousal being exhibited, but in his brain chemistry.

In fact, I think that may be quite reasonable. What keeps getting me about this guy is that he seems to be using us all for some kind of stimulative affect, out in the open, for us all to see, and no one seems to get it.

It feels, "sociopathetic" if not simply, sociopathic.

Let's define sociopathetic as combining the non-elite skills of basic social interactions with the elite skills of high incompetence to the effect of revealing one's true intentions. Just how "Donald Trump" does that sound to you? If the shoe fits....

Also in the way of the typical dynamic of a conman, Mr. Trump abuses people's mores and decency  masking or neutralizing their reactions to his hidden in plain site sexuality, or even allowing us to admit it to ourselves. Thus doubling down, as he does love to do, on his abuse of us in his favorite psychosexual and psychosocial patterns.

Do consider this however. If your daughter were in a Miss America pageant, how would you feel about Donald Trump walking into the dressing room where your daughter is naked and changing, as he has done repeatedly? Of if he walked up to her and as he has said, "Grabbed her by the P*ssy."

And she felt she could say nothing to anyone ever because she could get cut from the pageant she had worked so hard for so long to get to the top and the end of that long, painful and sometimes humiliating road, all because the owner of the pageant feels he is entitled to sexually about Your Daughter. Still feel like he's a great guy to support, especially as POTUS? Or would you be looking for ways now around his Secret Service detail to get your hands around his fat old throat?

In his action of incorrectly discussing alone with then FBI Director James Comey March of 2017, he asked for the "cloud" of the Russia investigation to be lifted because it made doing his job difficult. He asked for the "cloud" to be lifted.

Nearly the same things he was doing with woman in mentioning how much they reminded him of his daughter. It is a behavior he repeats over and over. Telegraphing his desires like a Mafia boss, expecting it to happen, but when it doesn't he drops it. Being president ins't being a Mafia boss. He knows that and from the firings we've seen, he hates being denied. Is there any better evidence of that? I have to wonder just how many times in his professional (and probably personal) life he did not drop it, but pressed his advanted to other's disadvantages.

Once again the GOP, the political party who has subjected us to an inordinate number of sexual deviants, philanderers, hypocritical homosexual anti-homosexuals (just be gay dude, it's 2018! and it's okay), criminals and dehumanizing, bigots, racists and well, outright hypocrites.

We deserve better. But the only way to get there is to openly deal with what is right there before us. And to demand of a major political party like the GOP, that this is no longer acceptable.

Because it is time. In fact, it is far beyond that time.

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