Monday, February 5, 2018

Fear of a One World Government

When I was a kid, I read a lot of science fiction. I would much prefer talking about science fiction, about writing, films and artistic pursuits. But this country is in crisis. A crisis of a more constitutional nature. There are too many fears, too much confusion, frustration, and anger.

I grew up accepting that we would have a one world government. Because once you move off the planet, the planet becomes a state unto itself. Just as astronauts have noticed from viewing the Earth from the moon. You lose the need for countries and separate tribes. You realize it is one entity, one planet. We all have to get along and work together.

I went into the military for a while, then entered college after I got out. But even before military service I had heard and read about the One World Government conspiracy and related theories. I discarded them for the most part, only after looking into them in then realizing what it was all about.


Fear and perhaps it being the wrong time for a One World Government, but the right time always to talk about it. And to do it well, we need to talk about it decades ahead of time and set things up toward it. Things like infrastructures, laws, orientations and attitudes. And the fear of the unknown and of change. Something conservative and Republican types in this country have a fundamental problem with.

Those fearful types, those worried about being told what to do by others who were very different from them, who did not understand their local issues and considerations, and who may not even be from their own country, cause them serious grief. Not to mention how much trouble some of them have in America in being different. Not white. Not older. Not their religion. There is always something that is not of them,f or them to worry about.

For the moment we can ignore how those people were not aware of or probably couldn't really care that we, that our government was imposing those types of things upon others in other parts of the world.

No hypocrisy there, right? Sure do to others so we can have, but don't even think of doing that to us... we American!

Enter, the new electronics. The Internet. Instant Media. Twenty-four hour news cycles. A populist TV format president. And so much more.

So here's the thing. Ignore for a moment concerns about One World Government. About, the Illuminati. About, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Trumps. Putin. Saudi Arabia. Whomever or whatever. Forget for the moment, your own favorite fears related to this.

Because of instant media alone, because of our having access to the entire world through media and devices, because of the availability to other cultures, to other ways of thinking, merely because of all that, alone....

We can mostly all now see the world as one world. A single planet of similar beings, all human...beings. Beings with differences, but so very similar in so many important ways. Those of us who do not see that are either divisive politicians or those who actually are worthy of conspiracy theorist's hatred. Even though that hatred never seems to get directed to the appropriate parties.

We are a single entity floating out in space. We are one race. We are, one People. If only we could see that now. Before it's too late.

Because, that is what is important.

That is what we need to be aware of.

All the rest is just... noise. Noise to distract us by those who aren't qualified or decent enough to guide us in the first place. And yet, we elect them to.

But it is noise to distract us from... what?

It is so we do not pay too close attention to those trying to further empower or enrich themselves, or to maintain their hold on us. A hold they got through lies, cheating, obfuscation, obstruction of realities. Confidence artist type behaviors. The behaviors of political magicians.

And we let them do it, time and again. Not only do we let them, we praise them for it and ignore the few, who try to point out reality has been warped, subverted, disenfranchised.

Back in the old days it was the religious leaders, the Kings and Queens who abused us. The Gods of the planet, of our tiny universe as we then perceived it, who abused us. And we changed things. The Magna Carta. The great American Experiment. Where we dissolved the ultimate power of the one person between us and God. Where we dissolved the royal controls over the people for a constitutionally and democratic protection of our lives and our futures.

Now, it is simply the wealthy we have to fear. Those we have given power to. Those who have positioned themselves to enrich themselves through our faith and belief.

I get some of the fear. But consider this, if nothing else. When we all start monitoring and enforcing rational actions around the world in a more cohesive and effective fashion, it will decrease things like global drug dealing, wealthy illegal behaviors, politicians illegal behaviors. Global corporations, which is a vast travesty upon this world.

There is a far more scary situation. What if Coke or Pepsi or even Monster drink, or Nestle, bottled water and sold it to countries who have none, in part because of climate change (regardless who caused it as it's happening), and bottling up all the waters in a country to sell back their own natural resources to them, merely in order to make profit and pleasure the stock holders? And worse. There is a lot of this already starting up around the world, but it is frequently invisible because of individuals countries and separation of laws and responsibilities and corporations and politicians are depending upon that.

While many slept through all this because of the #realDonaldTrump travesty....this is one of our biggest concerns going forward. Corporations and natural resources. I've been saying this one for years now. Next they will bottle and sell us our own water, standing things for when there is little water. and next, can only be air.

When I started saying this in the 1980s, people laughed about the water. Look around you now. The air situation is different, it's everywhere. But wait till it's damaged and who is against clean air and the ecology? #Republicans, the party of big business but obviously not of small business. When will small Republican business owners wake up? Probably? Never. That's, a good Republican.

We have put ourselves right back in that powerless situation and have supported vast and stupid agendas.

Full disclosure... I've always been a proponent of a One World Government. But not the one so many fear. I read the greatest minds in science fiction as a child all through the 1960s. Futurists all for the most part. Smart, educated people thinking ahead and plotting out possibilities, both good and bad. Five hundred years from now they will look back and laugh about people's fears of a OWG. The 1960s wasn't the right time for it. Now may not be either. But someday it will become a necessity.

IF you fear a OWG, then you need to stop fearing it and get on board, because it's going to happen. It is just a matter of if and when it happens. IF we jump into it, your fears will be realized. IF it is done behind our backs, your fears will be realized. And those are exactly the reasons you need to accept and and begin to work for it. Because if you sit it out and do nothing but complain, then we do have something to fear. If you allow it to be built defectively, then your fears are valid.

But then too, they will have been self-fulfilled prophecies. And it will be your fault and others like you. It is easy to complain, worry, fret, cry, whine. But it is harder to learn, act, and build.

We have to ask that who we really want to be? Is it not after all the One World Government that we fear. Or a lack of total and invisible control over our lives by a few others, regardless their desires, as long as we can't (or won't) see it?

A One World Government, is not what you need to fear.

It is, ourselves.

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