Monday, October 23, 2017

America, Who Are You?

Before I get into it and because of that this will be a shorter than normal blog this week, I'd like to share a couple of personal things with you if you don't mind. And thank you beforehand.

First off, the latest addition to a horror anthology I'm going to be in, the Dark Chapter Press A-Z [Horror] Anthology, is out! It is the letter "L" for Love Letters, by Roma Gray. With each letter's release I'm yet another step closer to my own letter, "X"! My story will be X The Unknown about a Seattle FBI agent at day's end that takes a drastically disturbing turnI had originally written, as some of you may know, Xibalba Unleashed, a story based on Mayan mythology. But I went over the word limit (long story, but if you're curious you can read my blog on this anthology and what happened regarding this and why). And so, it's to your benefit (if you'd like to see it that way) as you can read it long before my letter actually comes up (these stories come out every two weeks or so).

"Love letters is a fond token of remembrance, a treasured means of communication between loved ones, a primitive form of sentiment that has outlived the intrusion of modern technology. Love letters are cherished; they contain intimate secrets and private thoughts, but they can also reveal a darker side to the human emotion, a very real evil that is more than just words on a page." #ebooks #horror

Secondly, I have released a new non-fiction ebook. For now it's only on Smashwords. I call it SpiritQuest Weekend 1991.I recently found a few pages of a journal that I had kept over a weekend in 1991 as I was headed into a divorce. In reading it recently I found it interesting, as I had forgotten some of what I wrote about. As did my brother who also read it and suggested I publish it.

He thought people might find it interesting, entertaining, even useful in relation to their own lives as you get a bit of insight into my own thoughts back then. I also added a bit of history before it for context and even more afterward for the curious. It's a bit raw and brutally honest as I was going through a painful time. If you check it out I hope you find it useful and interesting enough to find it a worthy distraction. Some weird stuff happened around that time and I'm kind of glad I lived through it. #journal

Okay, back to today and this week's blog:

It occurred to me... were I a conservative NutCase like, say were I an Alex Jones, say Trump was a Democrat...I'd be screaming voraciously about how Las Vegas was a scam and Trump was just staging that attack because of Russia, to distract, to save myself.

And hey, I don't know, I'd be screaming something else really bad too most likely and at the top of my lungs. And other conservatives would be propping it all up. No matter who stupid what I was saying was.

But I'm not. He's not. It wasn't. Yes, there is more to it we don't know. But it wasn't some stupid conspiracy. It was whatever it was.

Bad people do exist. After all, I've seen, we've all seen, Trump on TV.

Good people who go bad also exist. Maybe that's what happened in Las Vegas.

Then again I've heard reports about some disturbing things. Like the shooter was using professional techniques, as if someone trained him. Then again, he was rather sloppy about some things, as if not a professional. Which he wasn't. He may have simply watched some YouTube videos. The reasons behind his actions are still unknown.

Then again, we have those who we know clearly what their intentions are and yet we suffer them day in and day out to run this country.

We are all organic beings.

Sometimes, we just go wrong and do bad things.

Then again some of us are very consistently bad while people give us way too much leeway in the bad actions we actually and sometimes obviously do.

Las Vegas was sad, very sad.

It's good to see people are waking the hell up and agreeing something can and should be done. Finally. It only took the biggest mass murder in US history. And after some Republicans got shot on a baseball field on their home turf. But will anything happen? It never has in the past. Not yet.

It also only took someone like Harvey Weinstein to be outed, finally for being a really horrible human being who needs psychological help. Someone who needed help for years. In his throwing things at people in board room meetings. In punching his own brother in the nose. In being a consistent bully, a misogynist, a serial sex offender. Not unlike our president.

The "Me Too" movement started maybe ten years ago. Not recently. Bad people, sex offenders, abuse has been around forever. It's high time we do something about it, to at least to stand up against it. To speak out, and keep speaking.

But we also need to stop talking and do something. SOME thing. We need to stop talking about sex offenders in power, and do something. SOME thing. We need to stop talking about mass shooters, about assault rifles, about weapons of war on our streets and do something. SOME thing.

We are after all what we do. Who are we? Who are you?


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