Friday, June 30, 2017

My new Deep State Definition on Urban Dictionary

This is great!

Seems I got accepted to Urban Dictionary for a second definition and it's now available. I was sitting here reading Facebook and news articles and had a visceral reaction to yet another ignorant use of the term defining a non existent government entity, as: "Deep State". You have to page down past the initial very short and not so great definition to see my longer one.

Sadly there is a misspelling on there which I submitted and I've  now tried to notify the admins about so they can update/fix the definition (ignorance should have been ignored). To be fair, I had just gotten home riding my bicycle the most miles I'd ridding recently in trying to get back into shape. I was exhausting and somehow missed the mistake. Hopefully they will fix and and not just post my request for correction.

I posted my definition on Facebook, then thought to look it up on Urban Dictionary. It had a single line that just didn't seem like enough.

Fictional birthplace of the boogieman.
"Newt Gingrich traveled to the Deep State and it drove him insane."
submitted by AyAytch June 16, 2017

I haven't had an accepted definition on Urban Dictionary since I submitted about Purpleism, a pseudo religion I founded with my son.

So I added mine and submitted and got the desired email response:

Thanks for defining deep state!

Editors read your definition and decided to publish it on Urban Dictionary.

It should appear here soon:

Urban Dictionary


deep state

Latest term in a continuing series of fictional terms used by individuals addicted to acting like victims who are some of the most ignorant or problematic people in America, mostly on the far right, who are better and more intelligently known as, The Deep Dumb. This is a section of America who feel they have been ignored and rightly so, because they have so many ridiculous beliefs that are frequently damaging even to themselves.

One can tell politicians who have no other claim to current notoriety than to make stupid shite up in riling up those who are even dumber than they are and are currently being mouthed by the great goof ball Donald Trump in the White House, and all his political fluffers and minions. Also, see Fox News, InfoWars, Drudge Report, Sean Hannity, esp. Newt Gingrich, et. al.

We have a lot of conservative "tin foil hat" patients here in Western State Mental Hospital who are long term residents of a deep state of delusion who believe in a Deep State in our government; that being anyone in government who disagrees with recent and sad political pathetics like President Trump.


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