Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The "Liberal" Media

Conservatives complain (esp., now Pres. Trump) that the media is too left wing or too progressive, not conservative enough or simply anti-Republican and anti conservative.

Not really. They are just idealists.

Why? Because that is actually their job. To report, but also to gauge their reporting. To decide what to report on .What is a story, what is valuable to the readers or viewers? I think they typically start out that way and some do get jaded because of the ugly out there.

Some are just lousy journalists to be sure, who worry only about getting a story on TMZ or some rag that sells exploitation. Fox News falls into this at times which has earned them their well deserved poor reputation. Not all of Fox News, mostly their OpEd people in many of their shows but in their news as well.

The issue therefore that angers conservatives and people like Trump is that disparity between what they do, what they want to do, what they want to be seen doing, and how reporters view and report their actions.

When you lie, when you start off on an agenda that truly is wrong, reporters simply report.

Perhaps they don't report as strongly against many of those types when they do wrong, but sometimes they do come down pretty hard on people like that. In my view, not often enough. Though that has been changing of late, finally.

Let's not however miss the point in all this.

The reason they appear to be harder on the right wing is simply because of what the right wing does, and what they want to do.

Hillary's email debacle? Or a governor killing people in Flint Michigan through the people's water supply and then turning off their water when they don't pay their bills for poisoned waters, either because they are poor or are receiving contaminated water? Which is really more important?

And we keep seeing things like this over and over. Republicans keep wasting taxpayer money over useless investigations. Investigation after investigation when nothing new is learned under the belief that having ongoing investigations sheds a bad light on those being investigated even if there is nothing there.

Again which is more important? A false crisis generated over the Benghazi embassy incident? Or something we heard of far leas, George Bush's illegitimate war that killed as one report showed, over 1 million Iraqis. An illegitimate war that should never have happened, where an American president killed 100,000s of Iraqis and yet, what is important was... Benghazi?

Wake up. Or grow up.

It's disingenuous much of the time for Mr. Trump to say how dishonest the media is, when all they are doing is railing at stupidity, at mean-spirited actions, or at out right unethical behavior that is allowed "just because" or because of tradition.

Or a despicable agenda supported by deep rooted beliefs from religion. Or the foolish ideologies of a conservative Republican party.

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