Friday, March 31, 2017

America as merely Tin Coated, or a Still Great Nation?

Pres. Trump is building America into a tin coated, cost cutting version of its once great self.

Mr. Trump's process for "making American great again" is simply telegraphing to other countries like China and Russia, both long passed but once great nations in their own right, that it is finally possible that one of them can replace America as the world leader for so very many things.

By reverting from culture to only economy, we quite diminish ourselves.

For other nations to see the course we are taking, we tarnish our reputation to that of cheap corporations. The mere devices and toys of greedy businessmen.

For those other nations to view us as second rate, is to wake them up to the potential that once again, as for France, they could again be the cultural center of the world.

For countries like China and Russia, in considering their political sensibilities we could be forcing on the world just such failed philosophical leaders as of those two primary and once failed communist states.

As these things make other nations shy away from us, we truly need to have a very open and very real discussion on just who thehell we seem to think we are as America!

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