Monday, February 27, 2017

We Are What Makes America Great

We need to get along in order to be the Great America we are known to be.

We need to be intelligent, as best we can be; educated, as best we can be; humane as best we can be.

We need to be Human beings FIRST and foremost.
We need to be Americans SECOND and proudly with reason to be proud.
We need to be political or partisan THIRD and as Americans.

And finally and some might say most importantly, we need to be atheists, theists, or ideologues... FOURTH.

Because it needs to be fourth.

It needs to be fourth because we live in an amazing country that is multicultural, not only white. Because we do take in the "tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free." And that is what makes us great, not isolationism, not fear, not revenge, not anger.

That does not mean you cannot put your God first.

It does mean however that if you will find yourself in conflict between your God and OUR America, then you cannot take a public office that will put you into that conflict if it will affect others in their not being able to have their God first. It is what protects us all from abuse in such a country as ours.

You should praise that, because it protects your rights to your beliefs, and everyone elses and just how amazing is that?

We are multi theistic and atheistic, not only Christian.
We are equally male and female and all other genders involved, not only as defined by theism.

If you want your religion then practice it as you see fit. But allow others to practice their own beliefs too as they see fit, and give them the room for themselves so that you too may have the room you need.

Because THAT, is what America is founded upon and THAT is what makes us Great.

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