Monday, November 7, 2016

Inflammatory speech is bad, understandable, but bad

Update (11/9): Trump is president elect. There is nothing to say at this point. We'll manage. We always do. But we've taken steps back in our national progress within the realms of humanity. We can only hope Trump turns the tide on his electorate and does what America needs and not what the mean spirited, hurting workforce, ignorant of reality beyond right wing diatribe part of America, desires.

Trump has damaged the American psyche like no other presidential candidate before in his attempt to win the presidency. He has beat America down, cried destitution and destruction are all about us in his covert idioms speaking to many about racism and how they are better than those others. He now thinks he can not become the mask he has worn, as Shakespeare said we always will. And what have we done for his efforts in his insane, disingenuous ways? We have given to him on a silver platter, the highest office in our nation as his reward for these actions. Update (11/8): It's Election Day! Vote your mind, not your heart! Voting your heart is how some people got us into this mess. Do what is right, not what simply makes you feel good for right now! Because you're stuck with that vote for the next four years. At least. Wishing you all the best whereever you are!
Short and sweet today (11/7).
First of all I'd just like to say that on this day (November 7th) in 1990, Ireland got their first female president. America can do it too! We'll find out tomorrow. we're not stupid, just slow. Some might say cautious. Others might say we alwsays do the right thing, but after we've tried everything else first (Winston CHurchill).
As someone recently pointed out to me in a comment on a diatribe I had posted elsewhere, and as I believe New York Times reporter Susanne Craig said on Charlie Rose last week, inflammatory speech is not going to change anyone's mind.

True. it is something I wrestle with daily and I cannot wait till this election is over, regardless who wins. Because really, this isn't me. It has me stressed out. Why? Because I've talked with a lot of conservatives this past year. I've ended up trying to explain things to them. Typically they refuse to accept what I can prove to them. Things they should have already proven to themselves. Things that are easily refuted. Beliefs that let them remain angry, maintain their frustration because in some way it makes them feel good. It makes me angry. I admit it. They are angry too. To be angry, to want change. Which I've wanted for decades and never seems to happen. But to become a nihilist or anarchist in choosing Trump, is foolish. I know why I am feeling this way. It is because in talking to conservatives, I CAN and have proven my case. Time and again. The info is out there, easily attained. But they have entrenched themselves so deeply in their being misinformed that it takes me a long time to set out how they are incorrect. That's MY job? No. It's theirs. And they don't really want to hear it anyway, to be proven wrong.They just want to be angry. And support someone who is angry along with them, even if he's wrong, or not a great person, and a terrible candidate or at least a terrible potential president. So it's really just my frustration in my having to waste my time over and over, saying the same things, to people who don't want to be shown how things actually are. Who think they are well informed from the evening news or some web sites, all because they don't like how things are anyway. So I waste my time. I'm tired of it. And maybe I understand them just a little bit. When you realize you have no recourse to correct things, you get angry and you just want to blast someone. Not with a gun (I don't anyway) but with your emotion. And I suppose that's what they are doing with Trump. But please, don't try to impose him on us. Find a more productive way. Tearing things down isn't how we fix things. Staying on our current course isn't either, though slow progress is better than no progress. We do have slow progress. You do know that, right? Change is coming. It just ins't going to come as fast as people want it. Or need it. America is like a human body. Parts of it just no longer need to do what they have been doing. In riding a bike, you may need to learn to ride a motorcycle instead, or an airplane. And it hurts. You're old skill dies, you have to learn a new one. If you can't, you are no longer relevant. You're out of the work force. So find a job. That's what you tell others. And those people are pissed about it. And so are you. But you don't think they have a right to that. Just you do. But that's not our fault. It's actually theirs. Or yours. It's only ours if you think we should pay for things like (re)education. But that's a free handout. Right? Socialism. Right? See? And that has to do some with trade deals. Some of us will get screwed. Our fault? No. Yours? Yes, and no. But do I have to suffer because you do? Because your antiquated job went away, because it needed to go away? So, all of us should suffer because a few do? You didn't say that about others before. Why are you important now, then? Minorities have lived that kind of thing all their lives. How's it feel? See? But now you're pissed for an entirely different reason. Not to worry. Trump will fix everything. And now, this....

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