Friday, August 19, 2016

Special Blog Post - The Great Papa Spyk Has Passed

I'm very sad to say that we lost "Papa" Spyk this week.

NOTE on Saturday, August 20, 2016 11AM PDT: I am moving out of my house this weekend and have no new blogs staged for this week and won't have time to write any. I sold my house and we're packing and moving into a rental house with a year lease this weekend. I'm unsure where I'll move to at that point. But because of the situation both on the moving side and the Papa Spyk side, out of respect for him and in memorium, I will be leaving this blog up for this next week. And now.....

Papa Spyk wrote a book on his life titled, A Naughty Thing Called Life, (by Edouard Spyk Gheur AKA "Papa" Spyk).

A Naughty Thing called Life shares the honest story of Papa Spyk's experience, hoping to make a difference to other people's lives. Its about courage to love and be love. the way to heal himself by going through hell and back.It remind's the reader that there is a silver lining in every cloud. This book is a testament to Papa Spyk's focus of his energy from destruction to creation. - from his website 
From Papa Spyk's Facebook profile photo
Rob Leigh singing soundtrack song for Papa Spyk's Film.

Former bodybuilder whose heart exploded after 15 years of steroid overuse says it's a 'miracle' he's alive. - UK Daily Mail 23 November 2015

I'm so annoyed with myself right now. This week Papa Spyk passed on. His last two postings to his Facebook page were:

August 16 at 6:36am ·
Got some bad news and I'm scared.
I just saw the surgeon today and they found another two other massive Anuerysm that has ballooned out in my abdomen which needs to be replaced immediately cause if they bursts at any time and it's instant death, so they have to replace them both immediately and I'll have to come back after I've fully recovered from the op and have the next one done and then other one and he said they won't know till they open me up what they can do tomorrow and he's given me 2-4% chance of surviving the operation and I asked if they could do all three at the same time and he said if they do that they are giving 1% chance of staying alive.

Papa scared? That was devastating, and said it all. I pulled myself together and posted to him on his page just as many others were posting support to him:

Screw them! Never give up never say die! 
Give them back 100% chances by surviving, for YOU! 
Stay strong. We want to hear you say after all this, "I'm HERE! "

Then later, just this:

August 16 at 6:42am ·
Right on my stretcher being wheeled into theatre to go under the knife

And that was all....

I had started this blog about him in 2012 and never got around to finishing it. I always try to spread the word about people I like, whose works or books I find interesting and so on. And he had one interesting story, one very interesting life and I liked him. He was that kind of spirit of person where you just expected him, regardless of how life was against his body surviving, that he would be here, now and forever.

That was my mistake. Rather than share with him I was supporting him, sharing his story with others, I now have this to live with. It was a small thing perhaps and he will never know now about even this sharing of his story, this small memorial to him. I find myself now moved, broken somewhat with his passing. He affected me with his spirit as he has so many others. A man who should have died so many times and yet, kept continuing on.

I have promoted so many and now I wish I had gotten around to just this one more. I'll live my life now knowing I didn't and I should have. That is my burden. His, is over.

This is the first time I lost someone like this. Merely a Facebook acquaintance, but a force to reckon with. An indomitable spirit. One who affected all those whom he touched.

Peace Papa Spyk. Thanks for letting me to get to know you... just that little bit.

You'll be missed, by so many of us whose lives you touched.

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