Monday, May 2, 2016

Which Revolution?

I hope you had a nice May Day weekend.

Think about this for a moment. There is a revolution in the works. One that has been needed for a long, long time now. Bernie Sanders has been talking about a political revolution and we desperately need one. I hope he is right and I hope it comes to be.

I have a conservative acquaintance who says the most important thing is to protect our guns in case of or when, we have to have an armed insurrection to take back our government. So he is voting for Bernie, or if he isn't available, Ted Cruz. Really? Wow.

Well, he's a conservative and conservatives have a very childlike, naive way of viewing the world through their very binary filters. Things aren't going well, beat up the bad guys. Easy peasy. Because it's just too hard to do it without a gun. As if a gun in the hands of armed citizens nowadays could win against the US Government. Uh huh....

That brings up the other revolution in the works. Not Bernie's non-violent one. You know about it, you see it in the news now every day and it is coming not from the liberal but the conservative side of things. Republicans have seemingly lost their minds. And it's been a long time in the proces. Going back to before Reagan, back to Nixon and before, but really taking off in the Reagan years.

To be fair, Democrats kind of let it happen by sitting back too much and doing little to combat it. To stop it dead in its tracks while it still had a chance to. As things are going we are at another point in our politics where the GOP can be course corrected and that apparently is again up to the Democrats and Americans in general, because the Republicans seem incapable of controlling even themselves.

The GOP is looking to block Donald Trump from the presidential nomination even though he is the clear choice of the people voting Republican, or just dumb.

The last time that happened it was on the other side of the aisle.

Democrats tried it in the 1968 election. They didn't like who the people liked and so they chose another candidate, one who had not even been running. Except perhaps around just enough delegates and GOP official's offices to get him the nod.

The 1968 Democratic Convention is now a highly notable historical event. It frightened some of America back then. There was to get to the point, a riot. One requiring police and the National Guard. The people did not like that a candidate was being chosen for them by their party officials and they let them know that in no uncertain terms. It ended in emergency room visits and over fifty people being arrested.

Back to 2016.,,,

Donald Trump, is a joke. As a President anyway, not as a potential President, apparently.

His supporters are a joke. At least their belief in Trump as President is anyway. A joke that could potentially become president. President of the most powerful nation in the history of the world. President, the most powerful man in the world. And people think Trump is the one for that?

Seriously. I mean, seriously?

Look, this is not a joke. There is fundamentally no difference between the intolerance of Trump's rampant diatribes against Muslims, Mexicans and others and that of the Muslim intolerance of those like just like him, and a potential intolerance against many of us as citizens. It is something that can easily be turned worse and against others. Just as Muslim intolerance against the west has been turned against and some might argue mostly against, Muslims, we could suddenly find that many of us are suddenly in the Trump abuse list.

Who are Donald Trump supporters? People at NASCAR events. Evangelical Christians. Some of the dumb educated young Republicans. Those privileged and those who delusionally see themselves as privileged. People who like many of us are pissed off at how our economy is and how our personal ways of life have suffered in a lack of upward mobility.

People feel embattled, put upon, a bit paranoid now perhaps. Paranoid because of real reasons in terrorists wanting to kill Americans on American soil. Paranoid in feeling changes in their positions and lifestyles. Because change is happening, positioning is changing. But that is, America. We live in a constant flux of change and opposition to that change. It keeps us vibrant, alive, on our toes. As long as we don't allow it to also make us afraid, paranoid, childish, binary in our approach to life and others.

In a world of grayness, we cannot allow ourselves to view it in the lazy fashion of merely good versus bad, love versus hate, rich versus poor, Republican versus Democrat, conservative versus liberal. We are all Americans, with new ones being born, and immigrating all the time. It is our strength.

Trump and those like him are our weakness. They exploit our weakness for their profit and benefit and if Trump is anything, he is for himself for profit and benefit. He is merely another crass bass individually in the style of nouveau riche as opposed to more classy old money. A base individual who seeks only the filthy lucre. Where his God is himself. We are there for him, no matter how much he claims he is there for us.

Ted Cruz is a whole other level of ugly. As John Boehner claimed his past week, Cruz is the "Lucifer in the flesh" (and not the cool type Lucifer in the TV show) and that he, "never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."

The GOP this election season is really batting 1000 here on serving us up the dregs of American depravity.

People who believed in God, Country, John Wayne, Bruce Willis and kicking ass and taking names are incorrectly clinging to those like Trump and Cruz out of false hope for a lost and in some cases, nonexistent past. People who are hunters, who like to shoot for fun and who believe their 2nd amendment rights are being infringed, can't get enough of these guys. These are the nut cases who have rushes on gun stores the last two times Barack Obama won the presidency knowing they were about to lose their guns when all that happened was, there were banner times for gun manufacturers and gun stores.

Donald Trump supporters have the 1st amendment and they are going to exercise that right to its fullest in order to be heard. Because they need to be sure everyone knows that the American's right to be Christian is being impinged. That they are taking away their guns and that must be stopped, at whatever cost. Even though so much of their fears are groundless. Still they say they would die to defend our country and feel patriots could do no less.

And they have the guns and perhaps more, to fight with.

These are the people that the Republican party want to screw with at the Republican convention.

This should be interesting.

By the way, it should be any day now that conservatives and Republicans start to blame anyone but themselves, liberals and progressives for sure, as it being their fault for the rise of Donald Trump. If not one day, his presidency.

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