Monday, April 4, 2016

Something Bit The Republican Party. Was it the Tea Party?

The Republican Party over the past 20-30 years has built an environment that has finally paid off in having the likes of the blowhard Donald Trump and the despicable Ted Cruz as Presidential nominee frontrunners.

Yet, that wasn't their intent. Although forewarned, they wouldn't listen even to themselves in order to avoid this. They knew it back in 2012, claimed they would fix it, then went on like the Zombie Party they are, with business as usual.
Now they think that using Ted Cruz to neutralize Trump is a pretty durn good idea. It actually is a really neato idea... with the exception of one thing.
Over the years the GOP has shown itself to be exceptionally adept at actions based on bad ideals. Ideals that merely sound good in sound bites but lack substance under deeper consideration. Someone once said that Republicans are great at selling bad ideas (or can sell lies better than truth) and Democrats are bad at selling great ideas.
Their ability to hang onto power with dirty tricks has proven exceptional. Even at the expense of the American citizen and in how this country is perceived worldwide. Except of course where, for instance, Republican Governors have been found to be criminals, again through ideals based upon the ideologies of their party. Or simply, greed.

Essentially exhibiting a lack of self-discipline to do what is right, or perhaps simply to judge between right and wrong. The Party of Business is about profit, not people. And yet they wish to govern over people. 
They frequently have no shame. But then as I have pointed out in a previous blog, that has a lot to do with the right's extreme religious slant even as it signals their demise. 
Once again they have made a choice that is not good for them, or us, and based on a concept that arises all because of a situation they themselves have set upon this country.
If Cruz beats out Trump or forcibly replaces him it would be merely one more bad idea in a very, very long line of them. 
Trump would be an embarrassment AND a Danger to America as well as the world. Cruz would be a Danger and we'd never even get to the embarrassment stage of things.

Then again Bill Maher @billmaher Tweeted this week:

Cruz would be our worst President. 
But Trump might well be our last.
Possibly so. We keep hearing from Republicans how they are going to do this or that to fix their problems and yet, so much of the time they are merely scrambling about, sometimes in a panic, trying to fix things they did themselves. To us. On purpose. 
Sometimes bad things happen they didn't foresee or desire. Yet unbelievably as we're seeing, sometimes they are getting exactly the situation they wanted. At times using plausible deniability to defend themselves. At others not even bothering to deny it.
It's as if, they are insane. At very least emotionally and mentally unbalanced. 
The GOP is the Koyaanisqatsi of American politics (from the film and Hopi People word, Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance).
It is as if they were bitten by some diseased animal years ago, perhaps in the mid 1990s and we've been watching the progress of this disease as it kills the Party animal while damaging all those around it. Perhaps a political form of rabies. 
Often you can’t tell by looking. - We thought for years after the infected bite that Republicans were normal. We didn't at first notice. 
However, a rabid animal may stagger or stumble. It may display unprovoked aggressive behavior or be over-friendly. - Yes, quite so. 
Animals with advanced rabies may foam at the mouth. This is because the rabies virus affects the salivary glands causing hyper-salivation. They may also develop hydrophobia (fear of water). - I suspect a metaphorical approach to this one. It snaps in like it was built for it. Water substituting for xenophobia and a fear of non-whites or illegal aliens. I wonder what would happen if ever any extraterrestrial aliens were to show up?
If an animal shows any of these signs, you should contain it to prevent possible exposure either to you, your family, or another animal. - If only we could contain the GOP and their conservative puppet masters. It does point out however just how badly we do need to attempt to stay away from them (to not vote for them). 
However, none of these symptoms are definitive signs that an animal has rabies. - Oh, great!
To verify an infection, a brain tissue sample must be tested for rabies. For this the animal must be euthanized. - And, there it is. My ex-girlfriend back in college was a Vet. Tech and said she'd see a frozen dog or animal head sometimes in the Veterinarian's freezer waiting on a rabies test. They would send it frozen to have the brain cells tested. Typically the bitten individual would start the painful rabies series of shots just to be safe if deemed necessary.

Whatever happens to the GOP now, it's going to be painful. Painful for them, but more importantly painful for the rest of us. Even those of us who shouldn't have to suffer because of them. But then maybe we all are to blame in putting up with big money in politics for so long and allowing media to turn into entertainment as a profit driven venture.

We have turned over one of the most important elements in our checks and balances in the American system to Corporate thinking. A system that runs best toward not Truth but sales and profit. Is that the rabies of the American system itself?
I doubt we should wait to definitely discover via post mortem analysis if the GOP was infected, regardless what you call it. Rabies, extreme conservatism, religion, Tea Party, fascist extremist groups, or whatever. 
It seems quite obvious what's going on. And action is required... now.

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