Monday, March 28, 2016

Education - America is Waiting

It occurs to me that the issue with conservatives about education is that they have redefined Human Capital to equal zero. Look up the history of America and free education back in the 1800s and see how they talk about human capital.

Back when children worked in factories it was deemed worthy to invest in human people. Thomas Paine, Horace Mann (I went to a Mann elementary school myself), John Dewey and others spoke out and evoked change. They could see the value of increasing the education of all Americans to the point that we as a nation should invest in it to assure that it happens. We then made it a law that you had to attend school. For a reason.

If we now educate people up beyond literacy, into primary and secondary education (K-12) we could enhance the entire lot of our citizens overall, as well as our nation's status in the world.

Education became free through high school which was originally considered only college prep school. It was made legal that you have to attend to fourteen but your schooling was paid for through the senior (12th) year of high school.

The benefits of these changes were pretty immediate and obvious.

Now college (two or four year, depending) is the equivalent to how high school was back then and for many decades since, until we became an information society. We now need to expand that well established free education from K-12 to K-16. Then we will start to regain our intellectual status worldwide once again.

We will NOT do this by giving all our money and benefits free to the 1% wealthy class. How does that make any sense? How stupid does one have to be to believe in trickledown economics, or to think we'd buy that for very long as we watch everything erode around us including us?

While only a few reap these benefits, they then say that they have and should have everything in being job creators, when it is really the middle class who are. They say that to give back (what they stole, what they got us to legislate for them) is giving freebies to the unwashed masses.

I'd laugh if it wasn't such a travesty.

Corporate thinking means only sure things are worth anything, only profit is worthy of contemplation. That becomes, any expenditure in people per se is a complete waste of profit. Nothing beyond mere surface efforts should be tried. Only superficial efforts for people should be done, and only to shut up their outcries.

Thus conservatives, republicans, the rich elite are against more schooling, against K-16 being free. As i is they have been doing their best to decrease what we have already achieved.

They are against now even K-12 being free.

Let's face it, they are against people. Citizens are an ugly necessity. If and when they can do away with them, with people...we be all gone. Except for those elites. Which won't work, someone has to do the labor. But that is what they want it would seem. A binary nation of those few who have supported by those who do not and are too afraid to do anything about it. Afraid to vote for the candidate who can do, for the one who will kind of do.

Act now. Not, when you are being hustled into prison for speaking out. Not once they have monetized our rights, our water, our air, our privacy, our freedom.

So called "Patriot militias" are a voice, typically yelling about things that are counterproductive to all this because of their slight knowledge of all the wrong things. They are merely a distraction and the rich love them.

What they fear is real action.

People abandoning the rotting carcass of the GOP, the Conservative movement, the religious political movement, all the groups so easily deluded. If they once stop, look around, see what insanity they have been immersed in and leave, then we all win.

But they want to keep people ignorant. Or better, stupid. It is a feather in their cap. When they say free education is impossible all while the rest of the world does it before us, listen to your heart, not the rich, not their politicians disassembling among you.

They are not our friend. They (and you) only think they are.

Next time you drive over a bridge and realize that you may die before you get to the other end, wonder where the money went to maintain it.

When your 18 year old child cannot get a job because you and they cannot afford college for them, ask why.

WAKE UP to reality!

Face slap yourself! Shock your mind. Quit your somnambulance.

Come back out into the world if you've ever even been out here. This has been going on for that long. Cold water on your face now, up into your consciousness.

We're all here waiting for you. The few and slightly aware because that's all it takes, having even a partial realization.

America Is Waiting for some sort of a message or another. Well, here it was.

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