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A joint by any other name is still a joint - Cannabis History

Grass. Weed. Pot. Cannabis. Marijuana....

These are some of the terms I've heard since high school going back for me to 1970, related to the weed superb. 

Life lately and so in my blogs of late I've been kind of heavy. Considering it's also the holiday season, I thought it was high time to lighten things up a bit.

Last week I gave a little history of myself, leaving out some obvious (and not obvious and therefore probably the more interesting) parts of it. Much of it really but then how much CAN one put in a blog of one's history. The purpose of that was to let you know a little about who I was\am and why I am how I am. 

Mostly in that blog regarding speaking out against injustices (and stupidity which appears to be rampant lately, both of which there is so much of today. Which I find surprising because I'd always suspected by this time in our nation's history we'd be a country of University graduates. 

Yet no. Instead it's almost as if we have chosen entirely, another path.

There are a lot of important things we need to deal with in the world but we also need to realize that the quality of our life is just as important as the seriousness of it. I could just as easily have talked about alcohol. My first year at Western Washington University, my main professor in the psych department, my adviser actually, asked us in class for a topic and he would use it to teach us how to think. We all offered suggestions but he picked mine. Beer. But that, for another time.

Anyway, have some fun once in a while. Right? So I chose something that is still forbidden to most of us in most of our states in this country. Cannabis. And yes, this is being posted by someone living in Washington state where pot is now legal. 

However pot has been available in Washington as long as I've known about it and much longer. Over the years people have had to hide it and it developed a culture around it that involved a lexicon to hide what was being talked about from "normals" (non pot smokers). 
Posting this in no way promotes the use or sale of illicit substances (and again, ain't illicit here no more).

It does however question why this is still illegal anywhere else.... 

There are many more but where I grew up in Tacoma, Washington and the places I traveled and lived through my life including military service in the last half of the 1970s, these were the terms I heard related to Cannabis. I try no longer to use the more prejudicial term, Marijuana, that has been abused by our government to oppressed minorities and has been used for political purposes since the 1930s.

These are offered alphabetically but otherwise in no specific order with some interesting, fun or educational links supplied.

Terms came and went as I grew up through time, moved about the country and saw different trends and products come and go. These terms also found a place in popular social circles, media and entertainment (Re: comedians like Cheech and Chong, or musicians, famously such as Bob Marley or more recently Snoop Dog and others).
Acapulco Gold
bag (or baggie, as in sandwich bag)
crazy weed
Dime bag ($10 1 oz sandwich bag)
Dirt weed (weak or bad Mexican weed of a dingy brown color).

Flower tops (or tops)
Ganja (ganj, or the ganj)
Giggle weed
Hash (properly, Hashhish) - Also hash oil, but this is another related topic really but is a concentrated form of pot. Now a days may be referred to as "wax" depending on how it was processed. Wikipedia --"Hashhishan evolved into the word assassin from a group who would eat and kill for pay. The word assassin has its root from the Arabic word Hashshashin ( حشّاشين, ħashshāshīyīn, also Hashishin, Hashashiyyin),[8] and shares its etymological roots with the Arabic term ḥashīsh."

Heady weed (for more of mental not body stone or high, also see, head for smoker).
Home grown

Kate Bush (after the famed singer)
KGB (Killer Green Bud, also a joking homage to the Soviet secret espionage agency)
Kona Gold
Jamaican Gold (or Jamaican)
Joy Stick
lid (from removing seeds in a shoe box lid? There was a time when you could go to just about anyone's house you knew and find a shoe box lid under the living room couch with their stash in it and many seeds off to one corner or side, using a driver's license or credit card to separate them while holding the lid at an angle. Proliferation of sinsemilla ended that practice)
Marijuana (or MaryJuwana or Marijuania)
MaryJane (or MJ)
Oaxacan (imported pot from the that Mexican district)
 (o-zee or ounce)
Panama Red
(or, potables)
Purple haze
(also and previously used for LSD)
Rag weed (or rag)
Red bud
(or reef, see also the 1936 anti Marijuana propaganda film, Reefer Madness)
shake (powder in the bottom of a baggy)
Sinse (sinsemilla or sen, no seeds which was thought to be a good ting until one day someone tried to grow their own and started to wonder, is this a conspiracy?).
Skunk weed (or stink weed)
super grass
stoney weed
(big body high as opposed to more mental high, see also stoned, stoner)
Thai stick
(pot wrapped to bamboo stick and dipped in opium oil)
stems and seeds (the part of pot you don't want to smoke or bad bag of weed. Once this hit the states it was quickly replaced with cheap, fake versions but sold as the same, some which were dipped in unsafe alternatives, most which weren't even dipped in anything until no one would buy them anymore)
wacky tobacky

roach (smoked joint)

blunt (type of joint)

spliff (type of joint also containing tobacco)

bomb (or bomber, type of joint, see fatty below)

Fatty (type of joint)
Jamaican style (or other named country style, various types of joint, see below)
Cone style, from Grass City
Jamaican cone - I've heard others call it by different country's names but back in the 70s it's what I knew it as, but it was a cone with a bigger end folded in and over sealing it and the other smaller toking end could have a rolled up piece of matchbook cover or something used as a filter)
bong (kind of water pipe.
Proto Pipe (the ultimate travel pipe). My first one had leather around the bowl as it gets hot which they don't seem to do now but the price is the same at about $25. This was generally agreed back in the day as the best ever travel pipe ever and could contain an eighth of an ounce of product for travel. You could fill the bowl too and close it for travel. The lid also helped in high winds and to better heat the product. Some don't have a lid which is highly not recommended to purchase. Easy clean up and rugged as hell, just, keep it clean. If it is hard to disassemble because it's too dirty with oil residue, just heat it up.

calumet (aeration pipe)

water pipe (traditional water pipe)

One hitter (holds one hit \ inhale)

roach clip (or clip, for holding joints and from which an entire industry was built from)

shotgun (to shotgun, from Vietnam soldiers using shotgun to aerate the smoke blown from one person to another)
Travel Bong (1980s)
Also associated things like...
Zig-Zag (or zigs, rolling papers or simply papers from which an entire industry was built upon)

User Titles - Then there were the names for those who would partake of the holy weed. I haven't thought about this in years as it's not a thing anymore especially now that it's legal here. 

Heads (from Pot Heads)
Hippies (way over-generalized use of a term that was incorrectly applied to far too many people for far too many decades)
Space cadets (or spacers)

There are many more things I could mention but I have a life and these were the ones that I was able to remember fairly easily. 

Remember. Life is here to enjoy, not simply to suffer through. Have fun.


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