Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Who slapped the John Wayne out of Texas?

Apparently Texas thinks the Jade Helm 15 martial law maneuver will mean losing their statehood. There is now a Facebook page devoted to it where the crazies are congregating. They fear they are being invaded by the federal government.

That the great gang member Obama in the sky (or Washington DC) is invading their hood.

Look, I have a few guns myself (since childhood). But unlike a lot of perpetually scared conservatives, I'm not afraid. Like a certain Jade Helm 15 delusional Martial Artist (cough, Chuck Norris), although he's also a Texan, so.....

You know, first I learned how to protect myself without a gun, in case someone took them away or I didn't happen to have one when needed. So I'm not that concerned should the government take them away from me. I'll live. I'll survive. Unlike, apparently, conservatives who will drop dead if their guns are taken away.

Thinking you can beat the US military as a civilian, is really kind of ridiculous in itself anyway.

I love how conservatives delusionally believe that their little play militias would win over the greatest military strength in the history of the entire world.

Right. Good luck with that.

Much like anytime one takes on a giant by oneself, or a group goes against a massively larger group, you need unconventional warfare. Your assault rifle will not protect you (more of an irritation really) or save you from the US government. It simply won't.

Excuse me while I... LMFAO.

No matter on top of all that when voting republican or conservative, when THOSE are the types we all really need protection from. It's like stabbing yourself in the eye voting for them and then handing over the sharp stick and asking someone else to repeatedly shove it in and out of your eye socket, again and again, for you. I guess you're just lazy in screwing yourself over so you needed a political party to do that for you?

Personal guns aren't the answer anyway.

Money, education (which has been ingenuously disappearing and so these types don't\can't even notice because um, poor education, ya know?), when intelligent representation (fully lacking in the GOP) as well as voting well, are the things that are truly needed.

Texas has already hosted these types of maneuvers and you're still (sadly in some ways), Texas.

The town near the CIA training facilities goes through these weird kinds of things, year after year after year.

No one complained when Bush was in office during the maneuvers. So why under Obama? Are you afraid? Come on. Texas? Afraid?

Well, have you seen the videos of them over this issue? Yes, they are afraid, some of them are terrified and yet some, are horribly embarrassed. Why? Why are they embarrassed? Because they are the true Texans. They are scared of anything or anyone or certainly of their own Government.

Who in the hell knocked the John Wayne out of you, Texas?

Really. It's okay. Don't be afraid.

You'll still be here next year and next decade. Just hopefully smarter, once you realize no one ever did invade you.

Though honestly, I don't have high hopes on that line.

By the way, here's a piece from Slate magazine:

The truth about Operation Jade Helm is that some of you can’t handle the truth: Obama really isn’t invading Texas

Oh and by the way, if you thought the answer to the title of this was Pres. Barack Obama, think again. He had no interest or desire of "invading" a state already a part of the "UNITED" States. The answer is... those conservative Texan's own fears and insecurities. Hang in there guys and gals, I'm sure we'll get another Republican president again soon who an out due "W" (and providence help the rest of us).

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