Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brain Lock in Political Mindsets

The problem with conservatism, fundamentalism, esp. in religion is, brain lock. Call it what you will, mind lock, concept lock....

Whenever you take that tact, you lock out being open minded and able to see the whole picture. We desperately need open minded people, to be open minded. In fact, more so everyday. Do not view life and things through emotion, preconceived beliefs, personal and platform agendas.

We do not need more people who point at the open minded and claim they aren't being open minded. When what they are really saying isn't that those people aren't being open minded, they are actually saying those people are not open minded to... their closed minded ways.

View things through a yearning to know the truth in things.

Support what is the actual and not, what should be.

Work toward what should be (in your mind) if you wish, but don't force reality now as it is into what isn't. Even if you believe it should be a certain way. Face it. If it's not, it's not.

When conservatives (et al) look at so called liberals or progressives who aren't afraid to chance change in a calculated risk attempt to better things, they will claim they are the ones with brain lock. But that is because those people are already open minded and against being closed minded, so that to any closed minded individual, it would certainly appear to them as brain lock.

When you have the truth, how can you alter that? The trouble there is the other side claims the same. Only they can't back it up with facts, just faux facts, twisted concepts and emotion.

As an open minded individual, one can only be, in interfacing with those types of people, compassionate enough to communicate. With brain locked individuals, in order to communicate with them one has to keep communication open (as painful as that can be at times), while trying to properly explain reality to them.

Because they believe they have the truth, in their minds, how can they alter it? It seems to them, in their spiritually sick ways at times, that they are trapped. They don't mean to be bad people, it's just that their mindsets, their beliefs and the basis for those beliefs, are defective. That's always been the thing I found most disturbing about religions.

They claim to have all the answers (if God is talking to you, even through a book, he's obviously knows everything, right?), and yet, they don't. Logic and reality dictate that sooner or later you will hit a situation that is a conundrum and then what? Well, things usually don't goo very well from that point on.

Whereas, in accepting the difficult in life and that we don't always know everything by simply following the rules or God's laws, we can effectively evoke change and find the best and not just the most accepted answers to problems. Those ways of thinking are in part what has led us to the current situation with high prison populations, so called wars on drugs (citizens), anti so many things like gays, women's rights, human rights (questioning what those are in the face of God's dictates), and so on.

In being the open minded individual, that leaves the closed minded, the brain locked ones to think you are the closed minded one.

It is a conundrum and a mental and logical loop that is exemplified in how Iran deals with gays, to take an extreme example in order to personify a point.

If you are gay there, you are considered against the quran, Iran's laws, and therefore their petty god (there, that is a prime example of how not to talk to the closed minded by denigrating their beliefs, their holy book, their deity).  It may even feel good to you do do it, but don't. Negative behavior puts you into their camp, and I'd suggest whole heartedly to stay away from there.

If you try to accept a gay in Iran, you are going against their laws, the Quran and therefore, God.

The Quran (therefore God, both) say you must kill gays, and so?


The Quran says nothing about that, so it must be okay. Though I assume had Mohammad known about this technology back in the ancient desert days, he'd have commented upon it. Funny God didn't mention it was coming, to him. It would only take a couple of mentions of things like that in the ancient (especially desert religions of the middle east) holy books, to prove their points, and yet, nothing. No mention of Transsexuals, the internet, or cell phones.

If you're Gay in Iran, your options are that you can die there (put to death either by the state or friends and loved ones), leave, or have a sex change.

Can you imagine how that messes up your head to lose your gender, when you don't want to, in order to be who your insides are screaming at you, that you are?

Bad things are going on in not just Iran, not just, America, but in other large and great nations like Russia with the current vein of Putinism. Nationalism, is dangerous. It's a great thing surely when positive things come of it, but as we have seen in the past, it can turn quite ugly too.

God rules? He certainly does in Iran. With those who are closed minded. And we want that here, Christians? Now I know not all Christians want that, but if you don't shout from the top of your church pulpits and shout these people down, then you are tacitly agreeing with them.

You do have a responsibility to speak out when those representing you, do, and mistakenly so. Just as they do in Islam, and have, but still not loud enough. And shouting to the world isn't good enough. Some action, at some point, is or may also be necessary.

America was based on having a more open mind than England.

So why are we trying so hard to be even more closed minded than England, or Iran? We have a ways to go before we achieve Iranian levels of closed mindedness, but as they are loosening things up there lately, we are tightening them up here and running the risk of one day, surpassing them.

Do you really want that? To be more closed minded than someplace like Iran?

Hopefully we will at some point, and before we hit equality in that, to notice what damage our closed mined are doing, those who are not seeing yet the errors of their ways. In some cases the massive error in their ways. And I group the gun nuts in all this mess, the open carry fools, the anti immigrants types and, the NRA. People all who may never see the error of their ways.

Which was why America was set up in the first place. Right?

Now, if we can just keep from letting them control our nation...completely.

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