Friday, December 5, 2014

Where'd Russia go?

I really seem to have lost my readers in Russia.

I have consistently had Russian readers on my blog for some time. It saddens me that just because Putin is what he is and I said it plainly and simply, that I lost readers that I never meant to lose. Trust me, if I thought our own President Obama were a bad guy, I'd say so. When George Bush was in office before him, I had plenty to say about him and his cronies.

I respect the Russian people, always have.

I just don't think they deserve someone like Putin who is stuck in the dark ages from his formative years in the KGB and his education enjoying sucking off the teat of old KBG masters a bit too much.

Admittedly, I don't have much respect for the little bastard. If that's a problem or if they are concerned about repercussions in reading a fair account of their cheap man's faux knock off lame example of a minor Napoleon figure who wormed his way to the head of a large, one time super power nation, well, I understand.

I shall endeavor in the future to be more circumspect in calling him appropriate things like, "маленькая сука". or a three legged egotistical female canine; that is to say, a President cum dictator, come to office repeatedly by underhanded means, probably a murderer or murder architect, having affected a national environment on the world stage wherein the good people of the world question his actions that just scream for his replacement with a fool or lesser so, even a Texas or Florida governor type.

Though again, Russians deserve so much better. But then, so do the American people.

Perhaps better a fool than a devil.

And besides, Pussy Riot doesn't like him....

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