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Don't play the victim role in American economics - they want that

First off, have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day! Observed on 17 March and the date of his death, it is celebrated inside and outside Ireland as a religious and cultural holiday. So for me, I claim it as a religious holiday as I'm half Irish and raised Catholic (and even if I do consider myself Buddhist now, well, never mind, I still take a day or two off work for it when I can). I'll be in Seattle for part of the day enjoying the festivities and since I have to take the ferry over the 9.5 miles from Bainbridge Island, I'll probably just hit: the Fado on 1st Avenue (there is a walkway from the ferry direct to 1st Avenue), the Owl and Thistle on the street below them, with much of the time first up north a few blocks at Pike Place Market on Post Alley at Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub. Which is north a couple of blocks from the notorious Gum Wall. Kells will open today at 9 AM & Music starts at 11 AM. So, I'll be there about 11 AM. Proceeds from this year's event will go towards benefiting the Pike Market Clinic!


This is exactly how I deal with any long term, entrenched mind sets. Don't play their game, you'll lose. Step back, really look at the whole picture, then think about it and see what is really happening. That's when you speak up and complain... about THAT.

I agree that the words in this graphic are inflammatory and are meant to be, to shock you into sensibility. So, don't use their words, come up with you own.

What is being said here, the supporting concept, is extremely valid.

Maybe "they" aren't "stealing" our homes. But calling it "foreclosing", is still using their words and yes you can argue that is the definition. These may not even be good examples. But it should start you thinking in the right direction.

Why are these things happening? Now there's a question.

It is something that is being done to us? It's not just how things happened to go, trust me. Someone, some group, has done things that led to how things are now. Once you start to realize that, you start to see things that don't make sense, start to make sense. There are a lot of things going on outside of our view, things that are NOT conspiracy theory rants and hysteria, but concrete, CPA type working, money making concepts that were put to play years ago and need to be broken, reworked and taken back.

And it won't happen easily.

It may not in many cases even be something that is being DONE to us. Just a way to make more money for the rich. We're what people like to call, who don't like to talk about bad things, as "collateral damage". Even if, like with the military, they are the ones doing those things, which is in their case, is blowing people up, and you could argue that necessity but we're talking about money here. Even those people though, will tell you that if what they are legally doing to increase wealth is hurting most of the other people, then it's up to us to do something to limit them, because even they know they don't need that much money. And after all, there is literally only so much money to go around.

I like how "they" say "we" should fix it so "they" can't do bad things legally to "us", even though what they are doing is immoral, legal and fattening (or not). Whatever happened to ethical and moral considerations? Kind of like the antithesis of capitalism, I guess.

This is not "redistributing the wealth" as they like to say, nor is it communism or socialism. It's setting limits so the system cannot be abused, harming those who have no control because wealth is power and power is control. Same reason we had Sheriffs and Marshalls in the Old West, to protect people.

By the way, if you don't feel controlled, you need to realize that you are then even more powerless than you are if you do feel controlled. So, don't be controlled. Or at least, try not to be. It would appear that something this big and entrenched can only be changed through revolution, or through grass roots democracy, though I don't give us good odds on that one. I mean, just look around. The "Occupy Movement" did some good, but not enough, they were just too unfocused on what they wanted, because what they wanted was so vast. It was a mindset, it was a desire to change the American entrenched way of doing business.

Still, grass roots are so much more gentle and rewarding, for everyone. Only if we can find a way for "them" to save face, will we be able to evoke change. Of course they will also want to save money, but good luck on that one. Let's face it, for the kind of change we need to happen, someone is going to lose money. Sometimes those in control will bring military action in play to make or keep money, so be aware of that one.

The first thing to do, though, is just to... think about it. The second thing is to... realize what is happening. The last thing to do is to, do something. Anything. Talk about it, be open about it, get angry sometimes, show your passion. Who knows, you may be the one who comes up with a way to make change happen. Be creative. Evoke change.

And, best of luck with that.

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