Monday, January 6, 2014

Is God mental?

I just have to say this, after listening to yet another Israeli pounding his drum of how good they are, after many decades of their being overbearing and in many cases not adhering to the humanist line around the world, where were they when there were yet other examples of genocide around the world? Every time I hear about genocides, I wait to hear if Israel speaks out and their voice seems to be so often, strangely absent. Why aren't they always on the front lines of at least screaming about it to stop, at all costs? Why?

But this isn't just about Israel. Or Jews. Or just the "big three" Middle Eastern desert religions with their histories of violence, bigotry, slavery and so on.

This got me to thinking about all of us. Obviously the situation with African Americans in America with suffragettes, and inequality in general for the poor and women. It got me to thinking about Iran and how they outlawed western style neck ties, and unbelievably, ice arenas and how they have finally opened a famous one back up for their athletes because of the Olympics (good for them!), but not for couples skating in the Olympics (bad on them).

Any group or religion that strives to separate humans (racism), or men and women (genderism), and there are other things, are suspect in my book.

We as humans, or "God" as whatever "God" you find most palatable through acceptance, indoctrination, adherence, or whatever government (especially so) or, whomever whatsoever should all be bringing people together. The existence of a real "God" should be that people are brought together, not separated out. Otherwise I mark that "God" as being suspect in being real and not just another construct of humankind. "God" or "His" teaching thereof should not be adding to the geo/ethnoccentrism that is already rampant and inherent in ourselves and our civilizations and always eventually becomes yet another separation leading to even more ignorance and more abuse.

Think about that in your own religion, if you have one. If you find goodness in it, find also what negatives it leads to. Because a true religion or belief system that includes an ethereal being would be functional and would not allow for the negatives. As there is no religion like that on earth, they are all therefore defective in some way. And doesn't that sound an awful lot like other systems humankind has set up over the ages?

So, who am I talking about here? You know who you are.

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