Sunday, May 19, 2013

Journalistic Integrity

I get these things. Why can't professional news media get it? Or politicians? Or political mouthpieces, or loudmouths? I am referring to Fox News. They seem to be the worst for this kind of behavior, pushing agendas, pushing the limits of journalistic integrity (I doubt they can spell that). But there are others. I can forgive some, sometimes, but not to these extremes we are seeing now a days. Edward R. Murrow should be turning in his grave. 

First of all, I am NOT a paid Journalist. But lacking resources or payment for what I write for free many times, I at least try to be honest and accurate. When someone has corrected me on this blog I have checked out their contentions and made the corrections, many times even leaving the original and noting the mistake in the text. I don't delete their posting even when they are being condescending or obnoxious and I don't take credit for correcting what they found if at all possible (but if they post anonymous, it's hard to give credit where credit is due). 

So here it is....

I've been called a Liberal. I'm not.

I've been called by a liberal, a conservative. I'm not. 

I just believe in the truth as I can best uncover and conceive of it. 

I prefer to have life be good, to maintain the status quo except for where it can be made better.

In some cases the status quo needs to be destroyed. In other cases, maintained. However, I know that I have to use my knowledge, my intellect, the newest information I can find in relation to it, along with a consideration of how History has shown any efforts to effect change, in order to change the status quo.

I want to make my life better whenever possible. but I think we should take some calculated risks to continue to strive to make life better not just for me, but for everyone.

When I profess anything as fact, I should strive to prove first to myself that it is, indeed, fact. Buy checking that item via another second source, disconnected from the first and then from a third source, a source as opposing to the first as possible. Or three primary sources with objective or unimpeachable reputations (if there are indeed, any left).

I do not think I should act hysterically and before I have all the facts in and act or speak. And if I speak, to make it clear this is my opinion and not yet a fully realized one.

I do not think I should speak negatively when there are positive ways to view and explain things.
I should not misrepresent facts. I should not color things to seem to be what I know them not to be or simply that they are not. I should not make things up or lie for my own benefit. When I do make a mistake I should correct myself.

I should not blow things out of proportion to make a buck or push myself into the forefront while misleading the American people and causing them to respond to incorrect information thus affecting the path of America in an incorrect direction.

Who raised you that you as professional Journalists, that you don't get these pretty simple things that your parents should have instilled in you as a child and your mentors in journalism should have beat into you as reporters of the news in the Public Trust?

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