Monday, April 1, 2013

TV Show Theme Songs and Commecials

There are some shows on TV, very few actually, that when the show starts I let the title sequence play through. Typically, when I watch a new show for the first time I let the title sequence play through, then whenever I watch it in the future I skip right to the beginning of the episode's action. This kind of thing saves  me a lot of time every week, reclaiming that time back into my own life and no longer dedicated to the network or the show's desires.

I actually know people who feel obligated to watch all the commercials on TV. But it is an evolutionary process. Just as many of us skip adverts, so do the networks devise ways of getting past that, or working with us on this change. It depends on how you view it, or which side you are on. The commercials have changed, evolved, and the shows have changed. When you are zipping past the commercials you will now not infrequently see that there is a short blurb of the show in the middle of the adverts. It's easy to skip past without noticing.

But I've become adept at catching these and watching it if it seems like it might be something I could really care about. They have also made commercials that grab your attention while zipping past them, so you simply have to stop, back up and go, "What the hell was that?" Which honestly, is kind of fun. I've been saying for years that they need to make commercials that aren't offensive in any of a variety of ways, and rather simply be interesting or entertaining. I don't mind commercials really, I just hate wasting my time.

I have HD Tivo on DirecTV and I love my ability to record, to move forward and back or skip around. Mostly though, I just zip past the titles to the beginning of the show at hand. But there are a few I always stop and listen to and watch.

"X-Files" was one of the first of these with its award winning title sequence (though I believe I was using VHS tapes back them to record the show on so I could skip the adverts). "True Blood" is another, a current favorite. The title sequence on "Saving Grace" was awesome and gave me chills. Everlast's "Saving Grace" song from that now discontinued show of the same name (may it rest in peace), led me to his other music. I don't like all of it, but I'd say that most of it that I've heard, I liked or grew to like. I couldn't find the actual title sequence with the tornadoes at the end, which always ran a chill up my spine and just seemed powerfully awesome.

Sometimes you hear this title music and you really like it and you get excited about looking up the band and hearing what other great music they may have. But then sometimes too, when you do hear it, the air is let out of the balloon and you realize, that they offered you only a few minutes of awesomeness and you just listened to music that took up a few minutes of your life that you'll never get back.

But talk about hit and miss bands. I love the "True Blood" theme song by Jace Everett ("Bad Things") and the graphics. So dark and well done. I have to mention "Game of Thrones", awesome music and a great animation title sequence. For some reason, I should mention "Californication" but I think it's a very specific thing, considering the show is about a writer. And the show "Suits" and its theme song by Ima Robot ("The Greenback Boogie"); love that show, too. But these are two artists/bands where there is little else that I love about the band's music. However I will give Ima Robot credit for their song, "A is for Action". They seem to be a hit or miss band for me. I do think the title song works better as a shorter title song, but the full length one is still pretty good.

Jace Everett however, is a just hit once, miss all the rest. For me anyway, but I'm also not into that type of music. I was pretty disappointed when I listened to his album with that song on it and couldn't find any other songs that I could relate to at all.

Another is the "Justified'" theme song by T.O.N.E-z ("Long Hard Times To Come"). I hated that song when I first heard it, I was so disappointed in their choice for the show. But after a few seasons of it, I've come to realize how well it fits that show (and I love that show, too, but then, pretty much anything Oliphant does, really). I just don't care for any of T.O.N.E-z's other music.

Times have changed. TV is evolving. Although I'm not a fan of all that is going on, there certainly are some very interesting things out there that are worth noticing. So, while you are skipping things, keep your eyes (and ears) open. Or you might miss something very cool indeed.

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