Monday, September 10, 2012

Why doesn't Mohammad have a sense of humor?

Recently I received an email about a book available on Amazon:

"Did you know that Mohammad was a drunken, child molesting,cowardly pimp? The Ayatollahs and Terrorists do not want you to know the truthabout Islam and promise to harm you if you tell anyone. Fight back and readthis well written, totally funny, parody on the founding of the so-calledreligion."
Noor Barack is an American Citizen
"The good non-biased reviews on "How FatimaStarted Islam" are very accurate in describing this both laugh and insultper page well written novel featuring the always drunk proprietor of Mohammad'sSaloon & Brothel. Still, available from and 234 truly funnypages at only $9.99. You will not be sorry, but do not import this book to the MiddleEast. The Terrorists DO NOT want you or anybody to read, publicize, promote,orpurchase this book, they HATE the fact that this book exists and is beingread. Buying this parody is not only sticking up for American freedom itis sending a big message to Islam."

Use this link to go How Fatima Started Islam

There was also this Note in the email:

"There is aconcerted and subtle effort to manipulate Americans from buying or reading theparody. A foreign based group, I'll call them 'the friends of Islam'are pressuring to cease selling the book and also to with bogus 'reviews' to dissuade Americans from purchasingit. In a two week period 40 'reviews' rushed in, mostly withnon-Arab names, telling people how horrible, petty, stupid, poorlywritten etc. the book was and not to buy it. All 40 unanimously gaveit the absolute lowest rating. It was obvious that each of the'reviewers' had not bought or read the book, many proclaimed that they wouldnot under any circumstances read an anti-Islam tome. From George III toAdolf Hitler many foreigners have tried to limit what Americans should beallowed to read. Protect the First Amendment and do not be dictated bythe Ayatollahs of Damascus , Bagdad, and Tehran."

Okay, that is all from the email I recieved.
Needless to say, when I first read it, considering all the things I've heard about how Muslim's react to things like publishing a drawing of a cartoon of Mohammad; and then there was the call to kill Salmon Rushdi, author of "The Satanic Verses", a book it would seem that did not have in it what they thought was so offensive and inflamatory; and the many who turned out to picket at the theaters when "The Last Temptation of Christ" was relased and most of those people hadn't even seen the show.
Well, we've all had knee jerk reactions against things that disturbed us before we actually investigated them, I suppose.
I just never threatened or killed anyone over it.
I have the same kind of thing in my own book, Death of Heaven, also on
What is it about this kind of thing that makes God so angry? Or is He actually laughing about it, HimSelf? Is it just the lovely (lowly?) human beings, the Worshippers who are so angry?
If humor is a higher brain process;
and if sarcasm is an even higher level of humor;
and I would argue that it is, since it takes little thought and brain power to tell a rather base fart joke, but a good biting brand of sarcasm takes a much smarter person to conjure up;
and if God is a higher level of being from Human;
then doesn't it follow that God is probably cracking up about many of the jokes about him?
Especially, when they are funny?
I don't profess such cleverness or humor in my own book, though there is some in it. But I do believe we need to have a sense of humor about things we hold dear, especially when dealt out by outsiders, who possibly, simply, do not understand.
And when they aren't outsiders, and they do understand, perhaps what they are saying really is of value, and we are just making fools of OUR selves?
It's something to consider. What if, every time anyone reacted to something with hate, anger, fear, or retribution, they simply held back, examined the situation more closely, and responded accordingly? Maybe, if the book really offends you THAT much, read it. THEN complain, because THEN, you have some ground to stand on and can argue (debate) with knowledge and information.

Well we might as well end up with this....
Identity of filmmaker behind anti-Mohammed movie revealed
And a link to a trailer for the movie

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