Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trump vs SuperHeroes vs Gods vs The Fool

People say our fictional entertainment "superheroes" are replacements for what the concepts and beliefs in Gods once gave us in ancient times. Superheroes today are placeholders they say, for what used to be paramount and all important in our lives.

Well. Times have changed. Though many are trying to end or retard that inevitable change.

In reality Gods were our first fictional entertainment superheroes. We just made the mistake of believing our own fictions and it came back to bite us. All through history. All through today.

Republicans, the Conservative right, religious proponents especially extremist ones, even those who voted for BrExit this past week, all seem to be members of the WTP, the Wishful Thinking Party. They think things are not that good, and they aren't as complicated as they really are, so we will just stop thinking, do something drastically opposed to the status quo and obviously that will just fix everything.

Uh, no. It's not that easy. That not thinking, severely altering the status quo, will simply not just fix everything. It can and may in fact wreck the economy and people's lives. However some people, especially those with money can and will make massive amounts of money from this. Which will come from many people with little or no money where their money can be gleaned off of them, easily acquired, then piped up to the rich and money managers of various types.

Those Gods have been mostly whittled down into a single God. Though some religions have warned us against false idols, it is in our nature to raise some of those up among us to that stature if not of Gods, of saviors. There is always someone ready to fulfill that role. Someone who usually claims to hold long established beliefs while cloaking them in new cloth, dazzling us, deluding us, deceiving us.

Like the Idiot Trump who you could call iTrump for short, where people here are voting for that same type of quick fix that will fix nothing and only make matters worse..


Desperation, of course, with a healthy does of frustration. What else should one expect when one keeps supporting the abuses, who keep taking all the money, twisting things around to where people think it's those they oppose who are really only trying to protect the abused masses against those, once again, whom the abused continue to support.

In order to fix what they have allowed to be broken over so many years they cannot even see it, cannot fathom it. They are selecting the tiger to kill the same tiger who is eating the flock.

Idiocy? Pure and simple. There is where your simplicity lay.

Or are people merely ignorant and desperate?

You decide. Decide not on wishful thinking however, but on reality.

Only then may we fix what was never broken but designed to fulfill a specific function in taking from some who have little and giving to others who have much. Taking from those many who have little, to give to the few who have so much already.

Camus said the meaning of life was whatever you tell yourself in order to stop yourself from killing yourself. Is that what religion is all about, avoiding suicide? And if whatever that is doesn't get its way, it will take the rest of us with it too?

BTW, speaking of stupidity, did you know that some students at private schools in Louisiana have been taught that Scotland’s fabled Loch Ness monster is real. A claim that is then held as evidence disproving Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, as was once reported in The Scotsman?

Or this (there are unending examples, really:

Texas Court Says Citizens Can Skip Education If They Believe The Rapture Is Coming

Robert Reich said yesterday (June 26, 2016):

"Donald Trump is the least-qualified person ever to run for the presidency of the United States; Hillary Clinton is among the most qualified. But, unfortunately, this election isn't about qualifications. It's about whether the populist wave that's gripped America turns authoritarian or reformist.
"I worry Hillary doesn’t see the anti-establishment rage here (and in other advanced nations -- see article, below). I fear she doesn't understand how different 2016 is from 1992, when Bill Clinton ran as a moderate Democrat, or 1996, when he moved to the center and “triangulated” between Democrats and Republicans. So she'll continue to run a cautious campaign based mainly on her competence and experience, and won't stand up to the privileged and powerful – the big corporations, Wall Street, and billionaires – who have rigged the economy against the rest of America."

I was for Hilary, until Bernie entered the 2016 race for President, then I was for Bernie, until he was no longer in the race (though he's in the run for helping America to get back on track again). Now I'm back to Hilary, because...Trump and because...Republicans and conservative in general. And stupidity. I'm personally anti-stupid. Which I see as ignorance plus. Ignorance is noble, when properly earned and eventually updated. However remaining ignorant in the face of information is planned and sustained ignorance, selected ignorance, or just plain... stupidity.

Want one about guns and stupidity (come on, it's a natural): Gun Advocate Mother shoots and kills her two daughters letting her husband get away. Honestly this is about mental illness in this country too, but it's something that is tightly interwoven in all this. I've said for years this psychological need for guns has more to do with mental health of America than anything else. The claims of gun rights don't hold up in reading the 2nd Amendment and this overbearing need for protection just isn't what the claims are proven by the stats.

Brexit is another issue that came to the world courtesy of the uneducated, the not so well educated elders, and commoners, much as we're seeing in America along with the foolish Trumpettes (or divisive capitalist). It would appear then if the young and educated are voting more sanely, we are now seeing the beginning of the end of racism and nationalism, even perhaps isolationism, in many ways in these two countries.

Are we also seeing in these difficult times the death throes of many things that have long been inculcated within us and in which we should be welcoming their demise?

There is some hope, albeit not from America, but Canada where in Alberta they have banned money from corporations and unions, a step in the right direction to protect people and not just money.

There is however this just in, from the Supreme Court on the ridiculousness of at least one of the ludicrous Texas Abortion Laws from one of our southern and rather brain damaged states..

It may take another generation still but we're starting to have a younger populace who is more used to diversity, change and making rational decisions against what has long been believed, even without evidence or with evidence we now have to the contrary. Information technologies and news for profit have polarized us. But also have shined a bright light on long unspoken feelings of tribalism and the many problems with ancient beliefs which do not evolve along with changing realities.

These are surely disturbing and in some ways horrible times. But they also signal to us a reason and a hope. A hope finally for a return of reason, something we can now almost see on the distant horizon. Though you may still have to look very carefully to see it, also notice the obstacles that will be in the way before it arrives fully upon us.

Do know however, that it is on that horizon.

Oh and just who is, The Fool? I'll let you decide. And our future levels of Prosperity.

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