Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas Reflection

Merry Christmas! May we mind our own business!

Walk with me a moment.

Yes, an atheist can celebrate Christmas. Something that started out as a pagan celebration blended with Christianity by the Catholic church, can be a pagan or secular holiday. It has become that more and more anyway. And no we don't have to remember what it's roots are to celebrate it.

Odd, I know. But true enough. We can easily use it as a positive reason to treat one another with respect and love without needing to bring a deity into it. A strange consideration for a theist of that particular denomination but hey, there it is.

And I think Jesus might just be more accepting of that than many want to believe. Moses? Probably not so much. But then, he was kind of an Old Testament sort of guy. Muhammad? Well, let's face it. He had some pretty weird ideas. I suppose Jesus had some odd ideas himself. He wasn't the Buddha surely, but then according to the Dalai Lama, Jesus was himself a Buddha.

And perhaps Mohammed, though I have my doubts on that. Then too Jesus did have that need to blend with Judaism thing and the old Testament in order to build change into the nonsense he grew up and into. Though he did incorporate elements of the Buddha Dharma that did his new Judaism (later, Christianity) and well, that was a very good thing.

That's really not what is important here, though. No, really. It's not.

First... allow me to wish you and yours a happy holiday season. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, a cheery whatever you wish you want to enjoy and celebrate this winter solstice time.

But what is all this really? Let's lay off for a moment with what history and tradition tell us and just think about what is.

You see, there is magic in life.

It isn't the magic of religion or Gods or what we wished (or feared) existed. It's the magic of Humanity, though we're mostly too humble to allow ourselves to accept that. As vain and greedy, terrified in the face of the universe and life as we are, we are still to humble to accept that we are it. That this is it, all of it.

Isn't that odd?

There is a movie that exemplifies what I'm trying to say here. A 2011 film with one of my favorite entertainers in it, Eddie Izzard. The film is Lost Christmas. It's not about religion but the magic that is Life. And if that doesn't work, here's some others who can explain Christmas a little better.

In life, we have who we have and the memories we have with them. We also have what we believe we will have and those memories that we will then have with them, whomever "they" will be. What we leave, after we no longer exist, really isn't what we will have ourselves at all. Though sometimes we act like it, but it is really what others will have after we are no longer there.

So all we really have is ourselves, our others and our memories. Then we're gone and the end.

It is hard to contemplate dying, or not existing. We don't relate to it as humans. And so we have invented ways in our ancient ignorance to deal with it. Okay.

So now let's take a step beyond that and talk about....

Religion and Guns.

No, really, bear with me a moment longer.

Believe it or not, there is something familiar there between those two things.

I'm going to tell you a secret. Something people need to share. Something people need to not keep quiet about. In fact if you need one thing in life to shout to the world, this would be it.

Those who want to spread the "word" will tell you otherwise, but that is from their inside out. Possibly your inside out, too. But that is dysfunctional. It is dangerous. It is against the need of the many, the need of all. Here it is.

Do not share your religion with everyone. Please. Keep it to yourself. Share it with others of a like mind. Offer to those who inquire of you about it. And let that be it. For the benefit of us all.

Although some of us do believe you should be ashamed to share your "faith" in these beliefs you hold, with anyone, you are welcome in my world to live your life as you see fit, to pursue happiness for the most part, as you see fit.

With only this exception.

For the good of all you should wear your faith under your coat, not on your sleeve for all to see. Just as you should wear your gun under your coat and out of sight, if you have a gun, and want to carry it around.

Faith extremists will tell you to preach the word to all and any! Spread the word to assure the continuation of your addiction!

But no.

As in religion they will say, propagate, raise your children up with your religion. Force religion down the throat of humanity until they have no choice but to be subjugated to whatever your choice of religion is and to hell with all others! Because they are indeed then, The Others.

But that is from within. Do you see?

From without, from within the whole of humanity, we are many and varied. We need therefore to coexist in order to be, together. That means you need to allow others to seek their faith, even when it seems foolish or anti to your religion. Because your religion (even if it's guns) may seem anti to theirs.

Maybe you're right. Maybe, they're right. Because, what if you're wrong? But then, your religion doesn't allow for that, does it? Would it? No, because that is the design of religion in the first place. Isn't it.

And that is fine, I suppose. Mostly. For now.

I would say that in today's world it has now reached a point where we need to kill those who push their beliefs on others so that those who do not, who live to allow others their lives and beliefs, can be the ones in the end to survive and prosper.

Because we do not need those who will push their beliefs on others.

For they are the troglodytes. The proto humans who need to die off so the evolved humans can survive to propagate and replace the proto humans.

Just as children one day finally need to leave their childhood selves behind so that they to can become adults.

We all need to grow. But we do not all need to make others into our image. Even if we believe that is the image of our God. We need... to all live together. Together in ways that will allow us all to live, and prosper and be happy.

And those who do not believe that?

They need to find their end. And if they cannot, then they need, they are asking us for, our help to aid them in their difficult journey.

Hard words, right? Life is hard.

We don't need to be making it any harder. Regardless what our beliefs are. We just need to get along.

So, a cheery winter's solstice to you and may you be happy and may you leave others alone, when they need it.


I wish you all the best, the best of Life, Memories and the after...for your others.

One last thing....treat one another as if all you know was:

And you only have, one another.


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