Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bah Humbug, holidays! Really?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014, glad you could make it!

Let's celebrate. Or would you rather skip all the trouble?

I mean, what are holidays for anyway? Who cares about them? Why should we care about them? Especially if we find in them, celebrating things we are not that partial to, or in support of, or see only the negative in them. Like "Uncle Mike's" annoying habits, or "grandpa's" even drunken grouchiness. Aren't they just another waste of human resources? Emotional exhibitions with no need or basis in logic?

Obviously holidays are for the celebrations for which they were originally intended. Though some do supersede those original reasons. Such as Christmas. A birthday. New Year's, Halloween, etc. They are a reason for celebrating their original intent, to be sure, but also for sharing communal experiences, renew old alliances, expand one's relationships.

They are for exceeding one's normal experience of any normal day. A reason to do the exceptional, a thing to plan for and enjoy the planning of, not to ruin it by stressing over that planning, not for exceeding oneself to the point of misery or destitution. But to be the abnormal, in a positive sense. To pamper oneself, or others. To use that which we save up over time (to use, not abuse), to use and remember our reasons for existing in the first place, whatever that may be. To show others that you care when normally it isn't considered, executed, or appreciated.

Holidays are not just for what they are claimed to be about.

They offer one an opportunity to shine, in various ways. To know one is appreciated, to show that you appreciate others. To even build memories that will last a lifetime. To, in even the smallest ways, give others acknowledgement of your appreciation of their existence, their help, or their care for you. And to assure that this relationship continues or even expands, in ways that are a benefit to yourself, to themselves and to your associated communities, both local and extended.

They are there to enjoy oneself in your own experience of them and through the experience of others sharing in those experiences with you. It can be a bonding experience far outweighing the effort of experiencing them, as well as in the shared memories of those events, many years into the future, or even beyond life itself if recorded and later shared by friends, family or even unknown descendants or citizens.

So don't blow off these holidays. Do not fear them. Embrace them, and they will embrace you back and in the end, we may all very well benefit by them.

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